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The Black Road v2.0.9c

Название карты: The Black Road
  • Автор карты: Av3n; ArthasFirestorm; Father Time
  • Жанр: Role Playing Game/RPG
  • Версия: 2.0.9c Патч 1.24
  • Язык: Английский
  • Кол-во игроков: 2-8; (Не меньше 2!)
  • Поддержка компьютера: Нет
  • Размер: 256х256
  • Ландшафт: Ashenvale
    Сказать об этой Role Playing Game/RPG карте что она хорошая и интересная, значит не сказать ничего. Захватывающее командное прохождение, огромный игровой мир, отличные модели героев, интересные нестандартные навыки, тайные реликты, битвы с титанами, боссами и сражения героев - всё это TBR! Любители карт в данной категории несомненно останутся довольны поиграв в эту карту!


    - Tomes no longer gives 1 extra stat point when used on a wisp
    - All autocast spells and spells that couldn't be cast on training dummies should now work
    - Changed the entry level for the Harpy area to 35
    - All favor spells are checked and fixed
    - Item Acquisition is now fixed
    - Restriction on items is re-done (Thanks to NG_Absalon)
    Item types include: Gear/Equipment, Relics, Dragon, Oly Components, Oly Regalias, Lion, God, Gear Components (includes gems)
    And all of the item restrictions are double checked and updated
    - Serius now only has Holy Light, Drunken Brawler and Devotion Aura as abilities
    - Towering Shield of Athens can no longer be equipped by the Backpack
    - Correct values are inputted for all Forge refunds now
    - Level 50 healing pots should now work
    - Odysseus Armor now forges properly with the correct materials
    - Light of Athens doesn't trigger chaos for Olympian armors from saving now (Credits to No_Exit)
    - Atlas Boss Fight: Damage from quake is equal to 10% of your max health
    - Stat retraining now works
    - Scroll of Healing heals for 200 instead of nothing
    - Pack Horses can no longer be pathing blockers
    - Quest: Spartan Captains now instantly return to athens
    - When duels end anyone in arena teleports back to arena lobby
    - If Maximus dies after completing Heart Blade quest it no longer triggers another quest completion
    - Fixed: Killing the Minotaur building EAST of Uranus causes the game to crash.
    (this was a map hack visibility protection trigger too close to real vis)
    - Repeatable quests limited to 50 units
    - All Athenian Militia healed before wave
    - Athenian Militia bunch up less in Hall of Heros area
    - -kill command only works on alive heros
    - Blessed Seed Quest has been fixed
    - The caravan for the escort quest following the satyr no longer returns to it's starting point
    - 2x the favor for level 75+
    - Titan kills give 20 favor to each (was bugged and only gave 1)
    - Harpy Hive Mother level 40 not 35
    - Quests: Moved Snatching the Claws to before Harpy Hive Mother
    - Quest items acquired shouldn't go over the goal now.
    - Find host trigger to fix dynamic hosting
    - Recipe's cooldowns are reduced to 2 seconds from 60 seconds
    - Fingerbone and Spell Blade Regalia brilliance auras no longer stacks with each other.
    - Javalineer now has an attack range of 500 instead of 400
    - Once you save, you can't load something else
    - Save/Load Code Cipher changed a.k.a Code Reset
    - Pack Animal has 'wander' and can move some
    - Chillhand ice slip trigger fires every .02 instead of .03 - smoother but still less than .01 laggy standard
    - On -repick, remove all items owned by player on map
    - On -load, set favor=HeroLevel/2
    - minor quest adjustments
    - Lower favor costs on teleports

    Character Spells, Changelog (С версии 1.33 до данной 2.0.9с):

    Temple Guardian:

    Holy Light
    - Damage dealt is 50% of the heal instead of 25%
    - Intelligence bonus is now x1 instead of x2


    - Is now known as Firedrop

    "Marks the target with flames dealing X damage and burns the target dealing Y damage over time. Enemies burned this way take Z% more damage from the Pyromancer spells.
    Lasts for 7 seconds.


    - Instant activation unlike the old one which travels in a line
    - Damage over time instead of instant damage

    - Splash damage is now 50%
    - Damage improved to scale with mana cost

    - Damage improved to scale with mana cost
    - Cooldown is now 60 seconds


    Aqua Spike
    - Now has a slow effect
    - Rescaled mana cost

    - No longer deals Damage over Time
    - Increased Explosion AoE to 300 from 200

    Ice Shackles
    - Remade into Ice Prison

    "Sends orbs of ice which are created 600 units away the targeted area towards the targeted area encasing enemies caught by it immobilizing them for 3 seconds. After 1.5 seconds it deals X damage in a 600 AoE, dealing 20% more damage if enemies are slowed by other Hydromancer spells."

    Freezing Field
    - Remade into Blizzard

    "Calls down a blizzard in the target area, unleashing blizzard shards which upon impact deal 250 + (Spell Damage/15) damage and slows enemies within a 225 AoE.
    Lasts 30 shards.


    - No longer costs life to cast
    - Voodoo now deals full spell damage per iteration

    - Redesigned

    "Deals X damage to the target, which then heals the Bokor for Y of that damage dealt.
    Costs Z life to cast, if you do not have enough life the spell will be canceled."

    Grave Dance
    - Redesigned

    "Summons 3 ghosts which follow the Bokor seeking enemies to attack. One of their attacks equal X current health damage.
    Ghosts last for 4 attacks or 15 seconds.

    Costs Y life to cast, if you do not have enough life the spell will be canceled."

    Wail of the Banshee
    - Redesigined

    "Fires a disturbing cry towards the target point dealing X current life (of the Bokor) damage and reduces their attack damage by Y to enemies hit by it.
    Lasts for Z seconds.

    Costs 75 life to cast, if you do not have enough life the spell will be canceled."


    Shuriken Throw
    - Remade into Kunai Screen

    "Throws a set of kunai towards the target point, which explodes when it reaches it setting off a smokescreen dealing X + x2 Strength damage in a 300 AoE. If a enemy fights within the smokescreen it's is reduced attack speed by X% and has a Y% chance to miss on attack.
    Lasts for 11 seconds."

    Shadow Image
    - Redesigned

    "For each successful attack the Assassin lands, he has a X% chance to create an image, confusing his enemy. The image then attacks the enemy dealing the amount of damage dealt.

    3 second cooldown."

    - Fixed a bug where it will not work at all
    - Bonus damage dealt per X% health missing now scales each level instead of every two levels


    - Cooldown reduced to 5 secs from 8 secs
    - Increased mana cost per level by 10

    Give and Take
    - Increased the healing percentage by 7% per level

    - Resistance now increases with the level
    - If a higher level Priestess casts Sanctuary on a target with a lower level of Sanctuary, it will take priority. Vice Versa

    - Closes the Rebirth menu straight after cast


    - Stackable/Dispellable
    - Starts at 400 health over 8 seconds, increasing by 200 per level
    - Reworked the way Rejuvenation restores health

    Spartan Warrior:

    - If a unit is already taunted, the unit will focus on the unit that taunted it first.
    - The effect of Taunt starts at the end of the cast rather than the beginning of cast.
    - Non-dispellable (Caster Effect)

    Blood Drunk
    - Damage type is now Pure, previously it used to be Physical
    - A non-dispellable buff appears when Blood Drunk is healing the Spartan Warrior
    - Floating text displaying the multiplied damage is only shown to the Spartan Warrior now

    - AoE scales now. Starts at Level 1
    200 -> 225 -> 250 -> 275 -> 300 -> 325
    - Stun scales now. Starts at Level 1
    1 sec -> 1.5 sec -> 2 -> 2 -> 2.5 -> 3
    - Strength bonus scales nows. Starts at Level 1
    x1 -> x1 -> x2 -> x2 -> x3 -> x3


    - The Slow Poison increases 1 second per level from 3 seconds at level 1 (8 seconds at level 6)
    - Kudzu's Level 1 mana cost is now 75 reduced from 85

    Ares Warcry
    - No longer autocastable

    Spell Blade:

    - Damage Type is Magical

    Mark of the Magus
    - Is now a passive

    Mental Barrier
    - Mana per hit point of damage now like this starting from Level 1.
    3 -> 2.5 -> 2 -> 1.5 -> 1 -> 0.5
    - Only absorbs 50% of the damage


    Spear Impetus
    - Damage type is now magical
    - Damage bonus from distance scales differently starting from 17% at Level 1 (52% at Level 6)

    - Frenzy adds the correct bonuses
    - If the "Miss" buff is dispelled then the spell will end

    - Has been reworked

    "Each attack has a 17% chance to stun the target for X (Y for Titans) seconds and knocks them back.

    3 second cooldown.
    If Spear Impetus is activated (not cast) and if Puncture procs it triggers before Spear Impetus.
    Cannot knockback Titans or Supreme Creeps."

    Arcane Ranger:

    Soul-Piercing Shot
    - Damage Type is Magical
    - Scales from 50% of your Intelligence increasing by 30% per level (200% at level 6)

    Mark of the Moon
    - Removed 1 second casting time, however there is now a 0.7 second damage delay instead

    - No longer benefits from Spell Healing
    - 200 AoE from 300 AoE (In-game for 2.0.0 it displays a 400 AoE circle)
    - x2 Intelligence bonus from x3 Intelligence
    - Stackable

    Selene's Blessing
    - If you happen to level up the ability and have the buff from the previous level, it will automactically adjust it to the right level.

    Рекомендации к установке карты: Поместите скачанную карту в папку Maps в той директории, в которой у вас установлена сама игра; обновите игру до последней версии (для этого можно скачать патчи с сайта из раздела "Патчи" или просто зайдя в систему Battle.net, если вы являетесь владельцем официальной русской версии игры от компании "СофтКлаб".

    Файл заархивирован программой WinRAR®
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