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DotA Allstars 6.68 RUS

  • Автор карты: IceFrog
  • Жанр: AoS
  • Версия: 6.68
  • Язык: Русский
  • Кол-во игроков: 10
  • Поддержка компьютера: Нет
  • Размер: 128х128
  • Ландшафт: Фелвуд

    Обновлённая версия карты DotA Allstars от 28 июля 2010 года.


    * Added a new hero (Wisp)

    Hero Class: Guardian Wisp
    Hero Name: Io

    Range: 525
    Movement Speed: 295
    Hero Type: Strength
    Starting Armor: 0
    Starting Damage: 33-42

    Agility: 14 + 1.6
    Strength: 17 + 1.9
    Intelligence: 23 + 1.7

    Io tethers himself to an allied unit, granting both units bonus movement speed. Any enemy units that contact the tether will be stunned. The tether will break if it stretches beyond 900 units. Lasts 12 seconds.

    Movement Bonus: 20/25/30/35%
    Stun Duration: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0

    Cooldown: 12
    Manacost: 40

    If you try to tether a unit that is a outside its range (by up to 900) Io will latch on and pull himself closer to the unit.

    Tether transfers other states on the hero to the allied unit. This includes Overcharge, Relocate and any time you regenerate hp/mp.

    Note: Has a sub ability that lets you break the tether.

    Credit: Based on Tether from http://www.playdota.com/forums/215750/intel-sentinel-io-aurora-wisp/

    Ability Code: A1TA

    Io summons 5 ancient Spirits over the course of 6 seconds; the Spirits dance around Io in a circle to protect him. If an enemy hero moves close enough to touch a Spirit, the Spirit releases its life energy in a burst, damaging and slowing all enemies in a 300 area of effect. Non hero units only take minor damage upon touching a spirit and do not cause them to explode.

    You have two sub abilities. One to move them outwards and one to call them back in. You can stop them at any distance by toggling the ability order.

    Damage per Spirit: 25/50/75/100
    Slow: 30%

    Cooldown: 14
    Manacost: 120/130/140/150

    Ability Code: A1T8

    Io draws on more energy than he can safely handle, granting him bonus attack speed, but draining 2.5% of his current HP and MP per second. If Io is tethered to an ally the bonus attack speed is also granted to that ally.

    This is a toggle ability.

    Attack Speed: 60/80/100/120

    Note: This bonus affects a tethered unit as well.

    Ability Code: A1VO

    Io temporarily relocates himself, along with any tethered hero, to the target location for 12 seconds.

    There is a casting delay and the enemy has visual indicators on the minimap and the world of the teleport before it happens.

    Cast Delay: 2.5/2.25/2.0
    Cooldown: 80/60/40
    Manacost: 100

    Note: If an allied hero is Tethered, that hero will teleported along with you. You can break the tether at any time to prevent that hero from returning back with you. -disablehelp is available for this ability.

    Ability Code: A1TB

    * Added a new hero (Thrall)

    Hero Class: Far Seer
    Hero Name: Thrall

    Range: 600
    Movement Speed: 300
    Hero Type: Intelligence
    Starting Armor: 1
    Starting Damage: 49-53

    Agility: 15 + 1.4
    Strength: 19 + 1.9
    Intelligence: 22 + 2.5

    Thunder Strike:
    Thrall curses the target to be struck by thunder 3 times over 4 seconds. Foes nearby the victim will also be damaged.

    Damage per strike: 50/75/100/125
    Secondary AOE: 200

    Cooldown: 16
    Manacost: 100/110/120/130

    Ability Code: A1TV

    Thrall forces the target back to it's previous position through a psionic rift. Sends the unit to where it was 4 seconds ago.

    Cast Range: 600/1000/1400/1800

    Cooldown: 60/50/40/30
    Manacost: 160/130/100/70

    Note: The glimpse effect has some travel time, the target isn't instantly moved back.
    Credit: Based on Glipse from http://www.playdota.com/forums/242499/int-sent-sephael-spirit-arbiter/

    Ability Code: A1SW

    Kinetic Field:
    Thrall summons a circular barrier of kinetic energy, keeping enemies from walking in or out of it. The barrier has an aoe of 300.

    Has a 1.2 second cast delay before the field is fully formed.

    Duration: 2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds

    Cooldown: 14
    Cast Range: 900
    Manacost: 70

    Ability Code: A1SU

    Static Storm:
    Creates an area of electric instability which damages and silences enemies in the area. The effect starts off weak and then intensifies over 5 seconds, dealing increasing amounts of damage, before disappearing.

    Final DPS: 170/210/250
    AOE: 375
    Manacost: 125/175/225
    Cooldown: 60

    Note: The damage starts off slow and ramps up continuously until it reaches the max

    Ability Code: A1U6

    * Added a new hero (Eredar)

    Hero Class: Shadow Demon
    Hero Name: Eredar

    Range: 500
    Movement Speed: 295
    Hero Type: Intelligence
    Starting Armor: 3
    Starting Damage: 53-57

    Agility: 18 + 2.2
    Strength: 17 + 1.9
    Intelligence: 26 + 2.7

    Eredar banishes the target to a dimensional pocket for 2.5 seconds, removing it from play for the duration. Upon return two images of the target are created under Eredar's control which last for 6 seconds.

    Displacement duration: 2.5 seconds
    Illusion Outgoing Damage: 30/40/50/60%
    Illusion Incoming Damage: 150%
    Illusion Duration: 6 seconds

    Cast Range: 700
    Manacost: 75
    Cooldown: 16

    Note: Can target enemy, ally or self.

    Ability Code: A1S8

    Soul Catcher:
    Ererdar lays a curse on an area; one random enemy unit in the area is afflicted with the curse, causing it to take increased damage for 12 seconds.

    Damage Amplification: 20/30/40/50%

    AOE: 500
    Cast Range: 600
    Manacost: 50
    Cooldown: 13

    Ability Code: A1SB

    Shadow Poison:
    Eredar casts forth a shadowy poison which deals 50 damage and afflicts all it touches for 10 seconds. If a unit is affected again in this duration, the toxin will be renewed and amplified exponentially. At the end of the duration, the shadow poison deals extra damage for each time it affected the victim. You have small vision over affected heroes.

    Each stack increases the damage it would deal exponentially, up to 4 stacks.

    Level 1 Per stack: 20/40/80/160 + 50 each further stacks
    Level 2 Per stack: 35/70/140/280 + 50 each further stacks
    Level 3 Per stack: 50/100/200/400 + 50 each further stacks
    Level 4 Per stack: 65/130/260/520 + 50 each further stacks

    AOE: 150
    Travel Distance: 1500

    Cooldown: 3
    Manacost: 50

    Note: This has a sub ability to let you release the poison at any time.

    Ability Code: A1S4

    Demonic Purge:
    Eredar casts a powerful demonic purge on a target enemy, removing all positive buffs. The purged target slowly regains its movement speed over 4 seconds. At the end of the purge the target takes damage.

    Damage: 200/300/400

    Cooldown: 50
    Manacost: 200

    Ability Code: A1SA

    * Added a new hero (Gyrocopter)

    Hero Class: Gyrocopter
    Hero Name: Aurel Vlaicu

    Range: 375
    Movement Speed: 305
    Hero Type: Agility
    Starting Armor: 2
    Starting Damage: 41-51

    Agility: 24 + 2.4
    Strength: 18 + 1.8
    Intelligence: 23 + 2.1

    Rocket Barrage:
    Gyrocopter unleashes a massive salvo of rockets, striking random units in a 400 aoe. Fires 30 rockets over 3 seconds.

    Damage per rocket: 10/12/14/16

    Cooldown: 6.5
    Manacost: 90

    Note: The rockets can only hit units you have vision over.

    Ability Code: A1SO

    Homing Missile:
    The Gyrocopter launches a homing missile that will follow the target until it impacts. The missile is inactive for 3 seconds upon launch and then begins slowly accelerating towards the target. Stuns the target for 2.5 seconds and deals damage based on how much it traveled. The missle can be destroyed by 3 attacks from a hero or tower.

    Maximum damage is dealt at 2000 distance traveled (does not increase beyond that distance)

    Maximum Damage: 100/200/300/400
    Stun Duration: 2.5

    Cooldown: 20/18/16/14
    Manacost: 120/130/140/150
    Cast Range: 900

    Notes: Towers do half damage. Enemy has vision over the rocket once it starts moving.

    Ability Code: A1SQ

    Flak Cannon:
    The Gyrocopter enables all of its cannons, allowing its attacks to strike all enemies in a 800 aoe. Lasts for a limited number of attacks or 15 seconds. Does not work with illusions.

    Your attack range is still limited to 375 range.

    Attacks: 3/4/5/6
    Manacost: 50
    Cooldown: 20

    Ability Code: A1TW

    Call Down:
    The Gyrocopter launches two missiles at the targeted area. The first missile strikes in 2 seconds, followed by the second missile at 4 seconds. Enemies in the area when a missile strikes are damaged and slowed.

    Primary Missle Damage: 250/300/350
    Primary Missle Slow: 20%
    Primary Missle Slow Duration: 2

    Secondary Missle Damage: 100/150/200
    Secondary Missle Slow: 50%
    Secondary Missle Slow Duration: 3

    Cast Range: 1000

    AOE: 400
    Cooldown: 55/50/45
    Manacost: 125

    Note: The visual warning indicator is visible for allies only. The enemies can see the rockets fly out of you though.

    Ability Code: A1T5

    - Unstable Concoction manacost from 90 to 120
    - Unstable Concoction damage rescaled from 150/200/250/300 to 120/180/240/300

    - Spell Shield increased from 10/20/30/40 to 15/25/35/45

    - Battle Hunger now slows the target by 8% until it runs out or kills another unit

    Bane Elemental
    - Brain Sap cooldown from 20 to 16
    - Fiend's Grip Scepter upgrade now drains 10% mana per second instead of 5%

    Blood Seeker
    - Agility gain increased from 2.6 to 3.0

    Bounty Hunter
    - Jinada cooldown from 21/16/11/6 to 15/12/9/6
    - Track now gives 50 bonus bounty to all units affected by the track aura of that target
    - Track bonus gold is treated as Reliable Gold

    - Armor decreased by 2

    Chaos Knight
    - Reality Rift manacost increased from 50 to 70
    - Starting str decreased by 4 and increased base damage by 4 to keep it constant

    - Armor increased by 1
    - Battery Assault damage increased from 10/30/50/70 to 15/35/55/75
    - Hookshot cooldown rescaled from 80/60/40 to 70/55/40

    - Tombstone cast range increased from 250 to 600

    Doom Bringer
    - LVL? Death mana cost rescaled from 85/105/125/145 to 110
    - Scorched Earth mana cost increased from 60 to 60/65/70/75
    - Scorched Earth movement speed bonus reduced from 20% to 16%
    - Starting intelligence reduced from 16 to 13

    Drow Ranger
    - No longer has full night vision (same as the other heroes now, 800)

    - Strength gain increased from 1.4 to 1.7

    - Macropyre travel range from 600/750/900 to 900

    - Healing Ward manacost rescaled from 140 to 80/100/120/140
    - Healing Ward regeneration increased from 1/2/3/4% to 1/2/4/5%

    - Armor reduced by 1
    - Ice Blast cooldown from 44/32/20 to 45

    - Carrion Swarm cooldown decreased from 9 base to 8 base (5->4 when fully upgraded)

    - Psi Blades spill range from 320 to 320/340/360/380

    - Vampiric Aura lifesteal improved from 10/16/22/28% to 15/20/25/30%
    - Reincarnation manacost increased from 100 to 140
    - Reworked Hellfire Blast
    Old Hellfire Blast:
    Stun Duration: 2
    Damage: 100/150/200/250
    Cooldown: 8
    Manacost: 140

    New Hellfire Blast:
    Ignites the target on fire, dealing damage over time. Stuns the target for a brief period followed by a movement speed reduction.

    Stun Duration: 2
    Slow Duration: 2
    Slow Amount: 15%
    Damage per second: 30/45/60/75
    Cooldown: 8
    Manacost: 140

    Note: The dps duration is the full 4 seconds.

    Ability Code: AHtb (same as before)

    - Split Earth stun duration increased from 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 to a constant 2

    - Movement speed increased by 10
    - Starting damage rescaled from 37-56 to 42-51

    Lina Inverse
    - Laguna Blade level 1 cooldown from 150 to 120
    - Light Strike Array cooldown from 8 to 7

    - Eclipse now turns day into night for 10 seconds
    - Lunar Blessing bonus damage increased from 6/12/18/24 to 8/16/24/32
    - Lunar Blessing now always provides full night vision

    - Movement speed decreased from 300 to 290
    - Strength gain decreased from 1.85 to 1.65

    - Teleport now has a tp scroll style indicator displayed for your allies
    - Agility increased from 15 + 1.5 to 18 + 1.9

    - Movement speed increased from 300 to 305
    - Poof manacost from 140/120/100/80 to 80

    - Base damage improved by 5
    - Casting Open Wounds no longer loses attack focus

    Nerubian Weaver
    - Shukuchi now has a 0.25 second fade time
    - The Swarm manacost increased from 75 to 100
    - The Swarm vision reduced from to 500 to 250

    - Base damage increased by 10
    - Crippling Fear's miss chance from 10/20/30/40% to 40%

    Ogre Magi
    - Int gain increased from 1.9 to 2.4
    - Fireblast rescaled from 75/125/175/275 to 80/145/210/275 (146745)
    - Multi Cast manacost increase for Firebalst rescaled from 30/80/110 to 30/70/110 (146745)

    Obsidian Destroyer
    - Astral Imprisonment no longer causes the target to lose vision over that area
    - Added Aghanim's Scepter to Obsidian Destroyer (along with a new visual effect)

    Damage Multiplier from 8/9/10 to 9/10/11 and cast range from 600/650/700 to 700/750/800

    Ability Code: A1VW

    Omni Knight
    - Movement speed increased by 5

    Pandarean Brewmaster
    - Drunken Haze slow increased from 10/14/18/22 to 14/18/22/26

    Priestess of the Moon
    - Moonlight Shadow's cooldown rescaled from 160 to 180/160/140,
    - Moonlight Shadow's duration rescaled from 7/9/11 to 11.

    - Illusory Orb cooldown decreased from 15 to 13

    - Flesh Heap is now retroactive (Meaning it keeps track of your kills and is always updating your str based on your current level of flesh heap)
    - Reduced Flesh Heap aoe from 525 to 450
    - Meat Hook damage type changed from physical to pure
    - Meet Hook damage adjusted from 100/200/300/400 to 90/180/270/360

    Queen of Pain
    - Scream of Pain manacost rescaled from 140 to 110/120/130/140

    - Static Link cooldown decreased from 45/40/35/30 to 35/30/25/20
    - Added Aghanim's Scepter to Razor (along with a new visual effect)

    Increases striking speed from 0.85/0.75/0.60 to 0.7/0.6/0.5 and can target structures. Does not reduce structure's armor.

    Ability Code: A1UV

    Sand King
    - Armor increased by 1

    - Assassinate kills now give XP even if you are outside of range (208147)
    - Night vision increased from 800 to 1000 (197918)

    - Desolate damage increased from 15/25/35/45 to 20/30/40/50
    - Dispersion reflection increased from 5/10/15/20 to 10/14/18/22

    Spirit Breaker
    - Empowering haste from 4/6/8/10 to 6/8/10/12
    - Aghanim's Scepter Nether Strike now also increases cast range (400/550/700->550/700/850)
    - Charge of Darkness speed boost updates at smoother 0.5 intervals and displays a counter above your head (267094)
    - Added a button to make it more obvious how to initiate the charge earlier. You can still use the old move method though. (193994)

    Stealth Assassin
    - Base agility increased by 10

    Base damage and armor decreased to remain the same overall after the extra agility

    Tauren Chieftain
    - Natural Order aoe from 250 to 275

    - Remote mines now detonate when killed (145024)

    - Soul Steal's secondary ability is now in the same position as the primary ability with the same hotkey (210124)

    - Armor increased by 1

    - Avalanche cooldown decreased from 20 to 17
    - Toss cast range from 500/700/900/1100 to 700/900/1100/1300
    - Added Aghanim's Scepter to Tiny

    Can target trees to pick them up as weapons (same as Stone Giant from ladder). Makes your attack range longer, gives you bonus damage against buildings and 50% splash in a 300 aoe for 3 attacks. Adds an extra level of upgrade to your toss damage that your ultimate normally does.

    Ability Code: A1VH

    Vengeful Spirit
    - Magic Missile manacost rescaled from 95/110/125/140 to 110/120/130/140

    - Poison Sting slow from 10 to 11/12/13/14

    - Added Aghanim's Scepter to Viper

    Cast Range increased from 500 to 800 and cooldown from 80/50/30 to 12

    Ability Code: A1UZ

    - Gravekeeper's Cloak armor bonus rescaled from 2/3/4/5 armor per layer to 1/2/4/5 per layer
    - Gravekeeper's Cloak magic resistance rescaled from 4/8/12/16% reduction per layer to 3/6/12/16 per layer
    - Familiars maximum damage rescaled from 84/105/126 to 56/98/154
    - Familiars cooldown from 160 to 180/160/140
    - Soul Assumption's mana cost increased from 100 to 150

    - Fatal Bonds cooldown decreased from 30 to 25
    - Added Aghanim's Scepter to Warlock

    With Aghanim's Warlock calls down two golems. HP, Attack and Bounty of each is halved to be roughly the same total as before. Deals twice the impact damage and lands 0.3 seconds apart.

    Ability Code: S00U

    - Arc Lightning cooldown from 2.5 to 2.25 seconds

    * Added a new recipe item (Arcane Boots)

    This item replaces Arcane Ring.

    Arcane Boots:
    500 - Boots of Speed
    1000 - Energy Booster

    +65 Movement Speed
    +250 Mana
    Replenish Mana (Restores 135 mana to allies in 600 aoe, 45 cd, 25 manacost)
    Can be Disassembled
    Original Idea from: 245602

    * Added new basic item (Orb of Venom)

    Located at the secret shops and side shops

    - Costs 600 Gold.
    - Adds a poison effect to your attacks. Deals 3dps and lasts 3 seconds. 4% slow for ranged, 12% slow for melee.

    Assault Cuirass
    - Attack Speed decreased from 40% to 35%
    - Aura Attack Speed increased from 15% to 20%

    Animal Courier
    - Price decreased from 200 to 170

    Blade Mail
    - Damage Return's duration increased from 3.5 to 4 seconds

    - Heal on wielder's death increased from 25 per charge to 30
    - Now only loses a third of its charges on death (reduced from a half)

    Buriza Do Kyanon
    - Damage increased by 6 (to equal the total of crystalys and demon edge)

    Cranium Basher
    - Removed 25% chance to do 25 bonus damage (stun is still the same)
    - Cranium Basher bonus damage increased from 30 to 40

    Dust of Appearance
    - Reduced AOE from 1250 to 1050

    Ethereal Blade
    - Removed Wraith Band from recipe (same bonuses still though)
    - You can now target yourself

    Eul's Scepter of Divinity
    - Cast range increased from 600 to 700
    - Added double click support for Euls (174341)

    Eye of Skadi
    - Orb of Venom added as a component. Final bonuses are the same as before.
    - Recipe price decreased from 750 to 300

    Heart of the Tarrasque
    - Delay on regeneration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds

    - Recipe cost decreased from 900 to 800

    - AoE of Restore increased from 450 to 750
    - HP aura regen increased from 3 to 4

    Quelling Blade
    - Tree Chop cooldown decreased from 15 to 10

    Sentry Wards
    - Increased truesight vision from 800 to 950
    - Reduced natural vision to just around itself

    Urn of Shadows
    - Heal no longer dispels from neutral creep damage
    - Added a team notice when someone buys Urn of Shadows recipe

    - HP bonus from 300 to 275

    * Added a new gold mechanic to the game
    "Reliable Gold" - Any bounty you get from hero kills or from the extra "aoe kill gold" bonus (feature from few patches ago) is added to your Reliable Gold pool.

    "Unreliable Gold" - It is everything else (creep kills, neutrals, etc).

    Dying can only take away gold from your Unreliable Gold pool and not from your Reliable Gold. Buying items uses up your Unreliable Gold first before using your Reliable Gold.

    An example: You have 910 total gold (500 Unreliable, 410 Reliable). If you buy Boots of Speed, you'll have 410 total gold left (0 Unreliable, 410 Reliable). However, if you bought Chainmail, you would have 360 Reliable Gold left.

    The process is seamless to the user, you won't have to do anything extra to make it work. Your total gold is still displayed in the same place. Your Reliable Gold is displayed in your scoreboard title.

    This is a new experimental idea that may be adjusted and tweaked over time depending on feedback and results after it is released. As always, let me know anything you want to see in future versions.

    Buyback uses reliable gold first. There are some other plans and ideas for buyback adjustments in the future but I would like to see these changes stabilize first before considering further stuff. There may also be some other changes related to the aoe bounty in the future but I want to take it slow one step at a time and see how this change is reflected in games first.

    * Support gold bounty gained for kills is now displayed ontop of each hero (not a change to bounty, but revealing the "extra" area bounty that was added a few patches ago, 16775)
    * Minor adjustment (+50) to the extra aoe XP bounty
    * Lane creeps vision from 1400/800 to 1100/800
    * Day-Night now cycles at 25% faster rate
    * The autozoom restore function in -zm is increased to give extra time to temporarily zoom in
    * Game now displays a message to your allies if you buy back
    * Added a -ub (-Unban) game mode to override the default -cm changed hero restrictions. You use this in combination with cm, -ubcm
    * Reworked the -CM Ban and Picks process

    Instead of 4 bans and then 5 picks, now it is 3 bans and then 3 picks followed by 2 bans and 2 picks.

    Old CM:
    Summary: 4 bans then 5 picks.

    Ban Phase: Each team bans 4 heroes. 40 Seconds for each step.
    Process: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1

    Pick Phase: Each team then picks 5 heroes. 60 Seconds for each step.
    Process: 1-2-2-2-2-1

    60 seconds of extra time is provided in each team's time bank.

    New CM:
    Summary: 3 bans then 3 picks then 2 bans then 2 picks.

    Ban Phase #1: Each team bans 3 heroes. 30 seconds for each step
    Process: 1-1-1-1-1-1

    Pick Phase #1: Each team then picks 3 heroes. 50 seconds for each step.
    Process: 1-2-2-1

    Ban Phase #2: Each team then bans 2 heroes. 50 seconds for each step
    Process: 1-1-1-1

    Ban Phase #2: Each team then picks 2 heroes. 50 seconds for each step
    Process: 1-1-1-1

    90 seconds of extra time is provided in each team's time bank.

    * Added death animation for Throne (82594)
    * 4 new Courier models (222933)
    * Added a Flying Courier morph ability (175819)
    * Added Mini Viper and Snow Owl flying courier models (175819)
    * Added a mini-goblin zeppelin flying courier model
    * Added a new ability to the courier that drops all the items that do not belong to you to their respective CoPs and then gathers all items that are yours onto the courier.
    * Changed the courier morph hotkey to G to avoid conflicts with the new ability
    * Game now displays a message when an ally purchases Dust, Observer Wards, Sentry Wards or Gem
    * Added -il as a shortcut for -invokelist (43834)
    * Increased Anti-Backdoor regeneration rate
    * Fixed some visual issues with ground textures of some scourge buildings (217304)
    * Fixed some buff icon inconsistencies (218840)
    * Added Hook and Arrow Accuracy information to replay data


    * New visual effect for Vengeful Spirit's scepter
    * New visual effect for Witch Doctor's Aghanim Scepter
    * New visual effect Puck's Scepter (206094)
    * Added an Aghanim's visual effect for Axe (264503)
    * Added an Aghanim's visual effect for Pudge (264503)
    * Added an Aghanim's visual effect for Spiritbreaker (264503)
    * Added an Aghanim's visual effect for Sand King (264503)
    * Added an Aghanim's visual effect for Jakiro (264503)
    * Added an Aghanim's visual effect for Night Stalker (264503)
    * Added an Aghanim's visual effect for Earthshaker (166075)

    * New Tidehunter hero story (244461)
    * Added flavor text for Phase Boots (19010)

    * Reworked when the visual effect is shown for Berserker's Blood (268354)
    * Improved Chaos Bolt animation (247368)
    * New Earthbind visual effect
    * Added an extra visual effect for Nether Swap
    * Added a visual damage indicator for Ethereal Blade (204930)
    * Added a Burst visual effect for flying courier (21388)
    * Added an aura visual for Leoric's Vampiric Aura (14145)
    * Fixed some visual issues with Soul Steal (210124)
    * New visual effect of Strafe (205629)
    * Added a visual effect for the int stealing event on Silencer's Last Word (9993)
    * Added temporary text overhead info for Sticky Napalm indicating stack counts

    * New Breathe Fire icon (208513)
    * New Earthbind Icon (202929)
    * New March of the Machines Icon (223523)
    * New Morph Icon (255633)
    * New Scourge Glyph Icon (217705)
    * New Strafe icon (205629)
    * New Toss Icon (238905)
    * New Torrent Icon (218829)

    * Fixed Familiars tooltip
    * Fixed Forge Spirit tooltip
    * Fixed a bug with Curse of the Silent
    * Fixed a bug with Charge of Darkness
    * Fixed Invoke from triggering last word
    * Fixed Rot dispelling curse of the silent
    * Fixed Flaming Lasso scoreboard timer
    * Fixed Batrider interaction bugs with Land Mines
    * Fixed a minor rare bug with the caster unit for primal roar
    * Fixed some visual glitches with passive Crystalys icon (208005)
    * Fixed some visual glitches with passive Attribute Bonus icon (208766)
    * Fixed a bug with the interaction of Ion Shell and Focus Fire
    * Fixed some areas where you could get stuck with TP Scroll
    * Fixed a bug that could allow courier to gain attack capability
    * Fixed a bug with Soul Ring when your mana capacity changes
    * Fixed some rare bugs with Hex interactions with some abilities
    * Fixed Dark Pact not properly dispelling Crippling Fear or Void
    * Fixed a bug with picking up Linken's Sphere while waveforming
    * Fixed the launch projectile location for Dragon Knight's Elder Form
    * Fixed X Marks The Spot when used on an ally carrying Linken Sphere
    * Fixed some AI bugs with attacking roshan while teleported close inside
    * Fixed a bug with moon wells water mechanic when you get stuck inside it
    * Fixed a minor rare bug that produced the "cannot construct unit" message
    * Fixed a very rare bug that could sometimes cause Toss to not throw anything

    Рекомендации к установке карты: Поместите скачанную карту в папку Maps в той директории, в которой у вас установлена сама игра; обновите игру до последней версии (для этого можно скачать патчи с сайта из раздела "Патчи" или просто зайдя в систему Battle.net, если вы являетесь владельцем официальной русской версии игры от компании "СофтКлаб".
    Решение проблем при установки патча вы можете найти здесь.
    Прочие решения вы можете найти здесь.

  • Скачать (7.28 Mb)   Просмотров: 5857 Скачиваний: 3490 Добавил: fry Добавлено: 28 Июля 2010 в 14:55:03
    Комментариев: 12 |

    Всего комментариев: 121 2 »
    20 Ноября 2010
    12. Артемий (Tyoma15) [Материал]
    непонимаю я скачал а дальше??????????????????????
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

    27 Августа 2010
    11. Андрей Сафонов (RAZORLIGHT) [Материал]
    а описание под спойлером не судьба сделать?

    03 Августа 2010
    Глупые герои

    02 Августа 2010
    Привет всем! Ребят если вы найдете или может знаете людей которые AI добавляют. Короче скиньте плиз 6.68 AI rus!

    01 Августа 2010
    8. Хз кто (magm0r) [Материал]
    Герои норм все кроме виспа чет он неочемный немного %)

    30 Июля 2010
    7. Алексей (sudjiro) [Материал]
    аееее...ну наконец-то!
    народ и как вам герои?
    по мне дак норм!

    29 Июля 2010
    6. Юра Горчинський (Yuraggg) [Материал]
    Дота просто ахуєть.Герої пиздаті. І тепер я поняв чого він так довго робив нову версію. Також хочу бачити 6.69і нових героїв ;) ;)

    29 Июля 2010
    vlasislav если хочеш играть по батлу качай патч наш где уже скачали 5000 людей вот силка http://mikboys.clan.su/load/wacraft_3/patchy/patch_1_24e_rus_dlja_warcraft_3_russkaja_versija/26-1-0-472

    28 Июля 2010
    4. Vladislav (vlad-128) [Материал]
    Жалко с ботами не выходит, я ща по батлу не могу поиграть

    28 Июля 2010
    3. Миха (16Gb) [Материал]
    сделали гавно новые герои убогие вобобще кста доте теперь уже не AllStars

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